T1 The Archer


The Zeroo T1 is an elegant, dimensional timepiece with glass on all sides to expose the steady beat of the movement. The T1 features a fully skeletonized flying tourbillon that floats unobstructed on the dial as it completes a mesmerizing rotation each minute. Pops of color dot the movement and the dial as subtle details make every glance an exploration of this timepiece’s surprises. Its 43mm stainless steel case is available with rose gold or 14k yellow gold plating in a variety of colors.


Please note that T series watches are manual, hand-wound timepieces. It is important to never overwind your watch. We recommend up to twenty winds every other day.

Technical Specifications

Movement Caliber

T1 Tourbillon (Frequency: 28800)

Case Size


Case Thickness


Case Material

316L Stainless steel

Middle Case

Quartz glass


Sapphire crystal

Back Cover

See-through back (Sapphire Crystal)

Water Resistance


Weight Approx.



24 months


Genuine Leather

Belt Width


Tailpiece Width



D buckle with periage treatment


Night light luminova


Precise Movement

The T1 Archer is powered by a hand-wound Zeroo Cal. T1 tourbillon. The flying tourbillon is integrated without any bridges that block the view, which makes it appear to float within the movement. The Cal. T1 features twin mainsprings and a 70 hour power reserve when fully wound.

Premium Materials

Premium materials elevate the look and feel of the T1. The case material is high grade 316L stainless steel that is sandwiched between sapphire crystals on the top and bottom. The mid case windows are durable, scratch resistant quartz glass.

Luxurious Case

The case on The Archer is designed for maximum visibility of the watch movement. Polished 316L stainless steel combines with sapphire and quartz glass in a round 43mm silhouette that is 11.5mm thick.

Elegant Strap

The genuine leather strap on the T1 is secured by a steel D buckle deployment clasp that matches the watch's finish. Two buttons release the clasp and reveal the perlage finish inside.