T4 The Archer


The T4 full skeleton tourbillon is a study in dimensions, color and motion. Visible from the front, back and sides, the round movement is a multi-layered mechanical wonder that appears seamless in the Archer’s tonneau-shaped stainless steel case. Colorful accents on the flying tourbillon and throughout the movement provide a subtle contrast with the rich palette of hues on the dial, strap and crown. And a twist of the crown activates dazzling motion to catch your eye from every angle.


Please note that T series watches are manual, hand-wound timepieces. It is important to never overwind your watch. We recommend up to twenty winds every other day.

Technical Specifications

Movement Caliber

T4 Tourbillion (28800Hz)

Case Size


Case Thickness


Case Material

316L Stainless steel

Middle Case



Sapphire crystal

Back Cover

See-through back (Sapphire Crystal)

Water Resistance


Weight Approx.



24 months



Belt Width


Tailpiece Width



D-buckle (Skeleton)




Precise Movement

The T4 is powered by the Zeroo cal. ZT01, a hand-wound full skeleton flying tourbillon. The round movement fits seamlessly into the Archer's tonneau-shaped case.

Premium Materials

Zeroo watches are constructed with premium materials including 316L stainless steel and sapphire crystals on the dial and exhibition caseback. Quartz glass is used for the mid-case windows on either side of the watch.

Luxurious Case

The tonneau case on the T4 Archer sandwiches two quartz glass panels between an open 316L stainless steel assembly. Sapphire crystals protect the top and bottom while cutouts on the beveled edge of the case top allows even more light to flow into the watch.

Elegant Strap

The rubber strap on the T4 is ideally suited for this modern sports watch. Each strap is matched to the dial color and the D buckle deployment clasps carry the same finish as the cases.