Time does not differentiate between people. No matter how strong the will to speed it up or slow it down, the steady rhythm never changes. 

At Zeroo Time, we believe that that the tools to measure time should also be accessible to all, and that extraordinarily designed watches built with the most advanced mechanical wonders belong on every wrist, not just those that can reach into deep pockets.


Tokyo-based Zeroo Time was founded in 2017 with the goal of redefining watches from scratch. To us, this means deconstructing every element and every perception of what a watch is and why mechanical timepieces have endured in an era of countless alternatives.

When Zeroo’s founder SYUU created the company, he focused on changing the way watch lovers experience time. He was inspired by classic dress and sports watch designs but instead of simply recreating the familiar, SYUU’s designs begin with a vision for making the impossible possible.


“While I admire prestige watches as works of art, the cost structure excludes most people from owning one. I turned directly to customers to understand what they want then went even further by inviting them to participate in the development of the company. Our crowdfunding campaigns provided us with the resources to astonish customers, competitors and the entire watch industry by producing watches at a cost no one believed was possible.”


Whether it’s a classic moonphase or a double tourbillion, SYUU’s vision is expressed in every timepiece that carries the Zeroo Time signature. His hand-drawn sketches are blueprints for each design.


They are highly detailed and meticulously crafted to provide precise direction for the team responsible for producing Zeroo Time cases, dials and components. SYUU is deeply involved in the manufacturing process and oversees the final assembly of all watches in Japan.

In 2022, Zeroo Time expanded its distribution to the United States where the full range of watches and accessories are now available. You can shop online or find a dealer to experience Zeroo Time watches in person.

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About Zeroo Time Watches

In 2017, Zeroo Time was born with a commitment to creating high-quality watch designs with professional complications and movements at price points that are affordable for everyone. Zeroo Time watches are defined and sorted into three different categories intended to correct the substantial obstacles modern timepieces face today. Zeroo watches are intended to redefine the meaning of wearing a wrist watch in the world today. Zeroo Time Japanese watches are equally as functional as they are truly luxurious.

Redefining Classic

Zeroo Time redefines classic watches that were originally intended to only measure the passage of time. The Zeroo Time C Series of watches maintains traditional and vintage aesthetics that have been deemed as “classic” in the timepiece industry. Overtime, these kinds of watches continuously increase in value. The moon phase, one of the most highly-coveted complications, has been entirely reconstructed as an “advanced classic” with modern day technology.

Redefining Design

By collecting a complete comprehension of various watch trends, Zeroo Time discovered how to serve a large audience of watch enthusiasts all around the world. As there are some watch trends that come and go, there is an axis when it comes to watch fashions that become the new standards throughout the industry. Zeroo time sport watches, also known as the M series, are a clear example of professional timepieces that are equally as luxurious as they are functional for the most active watch-wearers.

Redefining Standard

While maintaining a prestigious reputation, Zeroo Time has redefined the standards of opulent watchmaking that are affordable for everyone. The flagship model, T-Series, highlights one of the most highly-coveted and extremely precise mechanisms, the Tourbillon. With Zeroo, luxury timepieces with complicated movements are affordable for people all over the world.

Redefining the Future

The future has arrived with Zeroo Time watches, as the mere meaning of a watch as a whole has been completely rewritten. Zeroo has redefined the elements of standard, classic, and design when it comes to luxury watches. “Redefining the future” can be clearly understood by discovering the DT Series that allows timepieces to adopt an entirely new way of being that has never been witnessed before.