The tourbillon is the pinnacle of mechanical watchmaking. With its full-skeleton tourbillon, the flagship of the ZEROO brand, The ZEROO Tourbillon is the most famous watch in the world.

Zeroo Time T Series

The Zeroo Time T Series is most highly recognized for its full skeleton tourbillon movement. Each of the timepieces in this collection are equipped with state of the art technology for optimum timekeeping and pristine reliability. As we admire each of the Zeroo Time watches within the T series, we recognize the impeccable attention to detail they each reveal.

The T1 The Archer Full Skeleton Tourbillon utilizes a manual watch movement and reveals the brand’s signature flying tourbillon. The Zeroo Time T1 movement is housed within a 43mm stainless steel case. The round silhouette of this watch is protected by crystal glass on all sides, allowing the flying tourbillon to be appreciated from multiple angles. This manual tourbillon watch also offers two mainsprings that provide approximately 70 hours of power reserve. 

The T2 The Archer Full Skeleton Tourbillon introduces a square-shaped watch with the main focus remaining on the flying tourbillon. The 39mm sapphire crystal case, fully-encompasses this manual movement. The precious tourbillon can be easily admired from not only the front but each side as well. The Zeroo Time T2 is equipped with two mainsprings, offering approximately 70 hours of power reserve. 

The T3 The Leo Automatic Skeleton Tourbillon watch reveals a 43mm stainless steel case with a round silhouette. The iconic skeleton dial highlights an automatic pendulum rotor that offers a generous power reserve of approximately 72 hours. We admire the sapphire crystal glass on the front and back of this automatic watch that offers admirers a high level of visibility. 

The T4 The Archer Full Skeleton Tourbillon watch is among the most highly-coveted within this collection. The T4 showcases a manual watch movement securely encased within a 39mm tonneau-shaped case. We admire the sapphire crystal skeleton dial that offers full transparency from the front, back and each side of the case making the flying tourbillon the main focal point of this manual watch movement. 

The T5 The Archer Full Skeleton Tourbillon watch is complete with a manual watch movement securely housed within a 42mm round stainless steel case. The top, sides, and bottom of the case are protected by sapphire crystal, revealing an unimpeded view of the iconic flying tourbillon. We also admire a twin barrel design that offers a power reserve of approximately 60 hours at full winding.